Clear Braces

Interested in realizing your full potential for a brilliant smile but worried about how you will look with braces? At Blue Sky Orthodontics, we specialize in esthetic options to fit your lifestyle so you can have the confident smile you've always wanted, both during and after treatment. One option is clear, ceramic brackets which are made of a translucent, stain-resistant material that blend seamlessly with your teeth. Clarity™ ADVANCED Ceramic Brackets are virtually unnoticeable, making them perfect for patients of any age who are looking for the confidence and freedom to smile on any occasion.

Clarity™ ADVANCED Ceramic Brackets are a revolutionary leap forward in orthodontic ceramic brackets. These advanced brackets offer the ultimate combination of esthetics and performance.

  • Brilliant Esthetics

  • Trusted Strength and Small Bracket Design

  • Enhanced Patient Comfort

Want Clarity™ ADVANCED so your braces are less noticeable? Great-you'll be very happy with the clear elastics! Still want different colored elastics on your braces to show off your personality and style? Also great! Many people love changing the colors on their braces and it can be done just as easily on ceramic braces as on metal braces. As a matter of fact, the ceramic braces allow the color of the elastics to look even better!

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