Molly- Actual patient of Blue Sky Orthodontics

Molly- Actual patient of Blue Sky Orthodontics

The doctors and staff were so friendly and made us feel comfortable and at home in the office. Both of the doctors are extremely knowledgeable in all areas of treatment! It has been wonderful! Molly is our 2nd child to have treatment here, and we couldn’t be happier with her care and progress.  End result is awesome! Thank you!

-Susan, Molly's mom


We all worry about our kids, including their dental health. Are those spaces between my daughter’s teeth normal? Is that baby tooth supposed to fall out already? Does an 8-year-old really need braces?

Well, at Blue Sky Orthodontics we specialize in easing parents’ minds. A vast majority of children won’t need braces until all their adult teeth come in; however there are some situations that require interceptive treatment in order to prevent future problems. The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that children have their first orthodontic evaluation around the age of seven. This evaluation is important to rule out certain growth issues such as crossbites or detrimental oral habits like thumb sucking.

At Blue Sky Orthodontics we believe these early observations are so important that we offer free exams and consultations. Dr. Poss and Dr. Cassaidy will examine your child’s facial growth pattern, take appropriate x-rays and determine his or her current stage of dental development. They will let you know how everything is progressing and give you all the information you need to get your child on the path to a happy, healthy, and brilliant smile. Most importantly, this visit will allow all of us to launch a comfortable, trusting and fun relationship.

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Phase I crossbite correction

Phase I crossbite correction

If any early, interceptive treatment is indicated we will walk you through each step. There are a few specific indications for early, also called Phase 1, treatment:

  • damage to adult teeth may occur if left untreated
  • impacted teeth
  • crossbites (when the lower teeth bite outside of the upper teeth)
  • oral habits such as thumb/finger sucking
  • specific concerns leading to social problems

Common Treatments for Kids

·         Observation- Often the most important treatment decision is deciding to do nothing! A majority of youngsters that come into the office are seen annually as we monitor growth and development. When or if braces are needed we will be in a great position to start at the perfect time. Those early visits can also allow time for early planning for financing and setting up Flex accounts at work.

·         Expanders- The most common Phase 1 treatment is expansion of the upper jaw. In the right situations, there are many benefits such as fixing crossbites, making more room for teeth and developing gorgeous, broad smiles.

·         Phase 1 braces- In some patients, a limited set of braces, usually on four front teeth and two of the back teeth, can be recommended. It can be used to make room for adult teeth, fix crossbites, or fix situations that may lead to permanent damage to teeth or other oral structures. A majority of kids with Phase 1 treatment will still need full (Phase 2) orthodontic treatment when all of the permanent teeth have erupted. This first stage of treatment is often accomplished quickly and a retainer is worn (usually just at night) until the child is ready for full braces.