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Flexible hours, excellent service. I’m very satisfied with the results and service that I received. I would recommend their services to all my family and friends!

-Jackie G.        

By the time most adults start researching braces for themselves, they have been thinking about having straighter teeth, a healthier bite and a brilliant smile for a long time. Often for years. Sound familiar? Let’s get to your big question- Is it too late for me to have braces? Absolutely not! Many of our patients are adults and we offer several options to fit your lifestyle. Often the only regret adults have with orthodontic treatment is that they didn’t get it sooner! A recent study found over 90% of adults would recommend ortho treatment to a friend. Additionally, an amazing 75% of adults reported direct improvements in career or personal relationships because of their new smile and renewed confidence.

At Blue Sky Orthodontics, your path to a great smile begins with a complimentary exam. You’ll have lots of questions- Is Invisalign an option for me? Will the appointments work with my schedule? How long will it take?  At the first appointment, Dr. Cassaidy, Dr. Poss and the entire team will start to develop your personalized plan and educate you each step of the way. They will show you how they can help you get the smile you’ve always wanted. They’ll also explain how treatment can improve the comfort of your bite, make cleaning easier and provide a healthier dentition.

We are dedicated to making the orthodontic experience an enjoyable experience. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Our relaxed, fun environment will put you at ease. Many of our patients love coming to appointments and learning about the progress they’ve made towards their brilliant smile. We offer in-house, interest-free payment plans with low monthly payments to fit your financial needs. We are confident that improving your smile will be one of the best investments you’ve ever made.

 Your smile is the showcase of your personality. It brightens your day. Be brilliant. Bring Your Smile.

Call us at (515) 292-9014 or visit the Getting Started page to schedule your complimentary exam today!

Common Treatments for Adults:

  •  Invisalign: Clear, removable trays that are worn at all times (except eating!) and changed every 2 weeks to develop the smile you’ve always wanted.
  • Clear braces: Braces that are clear and less noticeable but still give the same outstanding results as traditional braces.
  • Conventional braces: Tried-and-true metal braces used with wires and a wide assortment of colors to bring out your personality
  • Surgical Orthodontics: A combination of orthodontics and jaw surgery. This often results in the best, most dramatic and life-changing results for patients with severe bite discrepancies.